Day 1 & 2 at Stonefields

Hello Bader!

I hope that everyone there is well and working super hard! Mr Hayes and I have had a very busy two days at Stonefields School.

In your comments on class blogs, a lot of you have been asking what it is like at Stonefields and what we have been up to in our first two days. Stonefields is quite a big school with lots of welcoming children, just like you are. They have quite a new building with lots of open spaces and play equipment and they are very good at choosing an area that they will work in best.


Today I visited a few classes, in particular I enjoyed visiting an area they call ‘Hub 8’. All of the classrooms are called ‘hubs’ and they often have more than one class in and more than one teacher. In Hub 8 the children are very good at being independent learners, they use resources around them such as chrome books and computers to complete challenges set by their teachers. They are also fantastic at collaborating – they use each other to problem solve and have some very grown up discussions.

Trust Licences

In Hub 8 there are lots of different spaces the children can work in, this includes on bean bags in quiet rooms and in lots of different spaces around the classroom. All children are allowed to choose where they will work best but some children have something special. Some children have earned something called a ‘trust licence’. This means that they can work wherever they like and they don’t have to ask a teacher. After talking to the teacher she explained that the children in the class made up a set of success criteria for a person to achieve a trust licence. When somebody in the class thinks they deserve a trust licence they book a meeting with the teacher and have to prove how they have met all of the success criteria. If the teacher and the child agree then the child and get a trust licence, this means they can even go and work in an outdoor space if they want to!

Earthquake Drill

In New Zealand the children have to learn what to do when there is an earthquake- a bit like we have to learn what to do if there is a fire. Today it was New Zealand ShakeOut day so lots of people across New Zealand had to practise getting what to do if there was an earthquake.

Here is a photo of me and Mr Hayes practising.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 18.26.44


Your Challenge:

Use the website below to come up with a set of instructions of what to do if there is an earthquake.

16 thoughts on “Day 1 & 2 at Stonefields

  1. I really like the idea of earning a ‘trust licence’, Miss King. What does everybody else think of this idea? Do you think there are things we do at Bader that we should all earn the right to do? Are there new things we could do that we should earn the right to do?

  2. I find it really interesting that in a place like New Zealand they have an earthquake drill, with everybody staying in the building, under desks. Meanwhile, in the UK we leave the building altogether and stand on the playground. Why do you think there is such a difference? Why don’t we have earthquake drills in the UK?

  3. The learning hubs sound like really cool places, especially as the children are so independent in their learning. I also really like the idea of trust licenses, particularly as the children create the success criteria themselves and have to book an appointment with their teacher to decide if they have earned one – definitely one to think about!

  4. I think that is amazing I hope that you are having a good time. Is that school amazing? That picture of you under the table is so funny imagine that really happening .

  5. I like the idea of the hubs and trust licences. It really puts emphasis on the children and their own learning. Thornaby Academy have hubs, I wonder if they work in the same way as they do in Stonefields. Do any of the children know about the hubs from any siblings.

  6. I really like the idea of a ‘trust license’ and I’m sure this could be adopted to enhance the learning at Bader.
    (Parent Governor)

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