16 thoughts on “Just to proove we are not slacking over here in your absence, Mr Hayes and Miss King……

    1. I am pleased that you enjoyed it Leona – we can learn a lot from people like Chris Tomlinson. I wonder how much he had to practise and persevere before he got as far as he has?

    1. I have been learning about other things but I am also very interested to know about what you are doing at Bader, Ellie. Do keep me up to date!

  1. Wow, this looks like fun! Did you have a go at doing some long jumping?

    I am going to be looking around the New Zealand school today Ellie and Harrion. I hope that I will learn lots of new things to bring back to our classroom!

    Miss King

  2. This looks excellent and a lot of fun! I saw the pictures of everyone joining in, on Twitter.

    Yesterday, Miss King and I stretched our legs after doing a lot of sitting for 26 hours whilst travelling. We realised that Auckland is a very hilly place! We visited the Auckland Museum which had lots of excellent exhibits about the history and natural history of New Zealand.

    We are just about to start our first full day here, visiting Stonefields School. We will let you know all about it for you to read when you arrive at school tomorrow. But first, inspired by your pictures, I am off to the gym.

    Mr Hayes

    1. Hello Mr Hayes and Miss King
      I am here with Miss White’s Y4 class. The children are very impressed you are going to the gym Mr Hayes. Did you work hard? The children want to know if Miss King went to the gym also.
      What subjects have you joined in with at Stonefields School? How is the school different from Bader? What is the head teacher called? Do the children spend more hours at school than we do?
      The children will be thinking up more questions for you tomorrow.
      We all hope you have a fantastic time and return safely with lots of interesting stories.
      Mrs Watson and Y4

      1. Hello Mrs Watson, I hope you are behaving yourself! I did not go to the gym Year Four, maybe I need to challenge myself to do this more frequently.

        So far I have joined in with writing, cybersmart, maths and breakthrough. I will tell you more about breakthrough next time I am on Skype. The school is different to Bader as it is quite new and they have hubs instead of classrooms – this means that 3 or 4 classes can all be in one space – they children are amazing though – even though there are lots of them, it doesn’t get too noisy! The children are at school from 9-3 so how many hours is that?

        I am looking forward to seeing you all again after half term, keep blogging and keep safe!

        Miss King

  3. Hi, Miss King! Hi, Mr Hayes! I hope you’re both having a great time in the Australasian Regions! If I could come, I most certainly would. Maybe you could ask one of the teachers from Stonefield to come over here! I’d love that! I love Australia TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    1. Hello Gabriel, I will pass that message on for you. We stop in Australia on the way back, but not for very long. We stop in a place called Brisbane.

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