A Maori Challenge

Today we visited the Auckland Museum whilst we were waiting to get into our rooms. The Museum had a lot of information about the Maoris – these are the people who originally settled in New Zealand.

Below is an image of some Maori jewellery. As you can see, a lot of the jewellery is made from teeth or parts of animals.


Can you match the jewellery to the description? If you look very carefully you will see the jewellery is numbered 1-5 so you simply need to match each number to one of the listed descriptions below which are labelled a-d and write your answers in a comment. There might even be a prize for the first to get it right!

a)Porpoise teeth and shells

b)Necklace of teeth

c)Human Hair held by plaited pandanus

d)Whale teeth, coconut pieces and conus shell.


Challenge 2:
Can you add any extra information about the Maoris?




19 thoughts on “A Maori Challenge

  1. Wow! Now that is what I call a longggggggg journey. All the way to the other side of the world, I guess!

    What an interesting place to go, Miss King and Mr Hayes. Can I ask if you have found any clues that James Cook was in New Zealand?

    Great challenges! I am going to keep following this blog, with great interest. Top Bader bloggers (good answers to challenges + good challenges set for Miss King and Mr Hayes) will get a free visit to our Captain Cook Museum in Stewart Park. Good luck!


    what’s long and got two wings ,
    its got a pilot and co pilot
    What am I

    hint you had to sit on 3 to New Zealand

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